The Worldwide Hybrid Revolution Starts Here

Imagine a world where every country, no matter how rich it is, can enjoy the green transport revolution! EMC solutions brind affordable, easy solutions to incorporate Hybrid technology in low-end cars for developing countries.

Save Money

Improved fuel efficiency and extended range.

Green Efficiency

Reduce your CO2 emissions by a third.

Add new features

Get cruise control and onboard computer with no cost.

4 Wheel Drive

Improved traction and handling with all-wheel powertrain.

No mods required

Your combustion engine remains in factory condition.

Universally Compatible

Gas and Diesel engines, even CNG converted vehicles

Imagine turn you existing car into a hybrid. It’s possible.

A Bridge to the Green Transportation World

An affordable, easy and powerful solution to integrate sustainable car technologies to existing cars in developing countries.

Smart Solution

Instead of building cars from scratch, we offer a faster and more rational approach to green transportation.

First step into the Future

Our technology opens the way for massive adoption of new hybrid, hybrid plug-in an electric cars.

Latin Americans to the World

Passionate about our culture, about cars and sustainability,applying exponential technologies to address global grand challenges.

% Compatible with your car

% Fuel Savings

% Less CO2 Emissions


Have your car ready for the Hybrid Revolution

We can easily and inexpensively make cars more efficient.

Join US!

Give us support to make a running prototype! We are running an IndieGoGo campaign to buy a car and accesories to make the magic happen!